Dipone has always been a family run business, our communities have trusted us with the responsibility of caring for their bereaved families and carrying out the final wishes of the deceased. Our reputation for providing excellent care is founded on the highest standards of service and professionalism. Every member of staff is required to pass the industry standard qualifications to guarantee the highest standards of expertise.

As time has passed, Dipone has always responded to changing needs; our ability to listen, and our understanding that each funeral is unique, has enabled us to respect the deceased’s last wishes, and deliver appropriate support to the family throughout their time of loss.

We are here to help people at one of the most difficult times in their lives. We do this with compassion, respect, openness and care. Our aim is to be the company everyone knows they can trust in their time of need.

Our Vision

To be the leading service provider that speedily delivers good quality and dignified services with passion to our needy people.

Our Mission

To continuously develop and market funeral plans that will be unique and specific to the needs to our poor people to help them to bury their loved ones with dignity and by doing so giving our clients a competitive advantage in the market place.